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General Director
Võ Hoàng Lâm
Coteccons mission is built around world class construction services in an integrated model including design, engineering and delivery to create maximum value for our clients. We have an unparalleled track record delivering best-in-class projects for some of Vietnam’s most prestigious developers with time and cost certainty. Coteccons commits to inherit the value and achievement of 17 years of rich history and continues maintaining and strengthening this mission for the benefit of our stakeholders based on excellence in performance. At the heart of everything we do is our people. We are developing talent, training, inspiring and keeping enhancing the experience of employees of Coteccons and our partners to strengthen their engagement as well as fulfill their potential. With over 1800 highly skilled and experienced staff across all construction disciplines, we are passionate about educating our workforce and delivery partners to the best standards so that our clients get the highest caliber professionals delivering their projects. Our commitment to Health and Safety is paramount and based on a zero-tolerance approach to risk management, continuous behavioral training and personal commitment of all who work for Coteccons. By continually improving the way we work, we understand and reduce the risk levels for our employees and all our stakeholders. Our dedication to innovation is constantly developing through our in-house Research & Development Group. Bringing together the company’s most innovative people and respected industry experts, the R & D group proactively devises and adopts industry-leading innovations, technologies and processes for the benefit of our clients. We see Coteccons at the forefront in technology and advancing the innovation agenda in construction as a pioneer in this field. We are confident of building a prosperous and sustainable future for all our stakeholders and believe our commitment, passion and strong financial position differentiate us uniquely. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you to deliver an outstanding service as a trusted partner. We thank you again for considering Coteccons as a delivery partner for your project and we wish you health, success and prosperity. Yours sincerely,
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