LEED Sustainability Engineer (Project: LEGO)


  • Assist architects and engineers during the planning and blueprint phases to develop plans for factory that can be LEED certified
  • Apply knowledge of federal and state LEED requirements to develop innovative and energy-efficient plans for new construction and remodels
  • Monitor construction to ensure that all plans are adhered to throughout the project
  • Inspect completed projects to ensure applications for LEED certification will lead to approvals
  • Liaise between employers/clients and governments to expedite reviews and application processing
  • Lead sustainability project management and 3rd party certification efforts
  • Maintain knowledge of sustainability, wellness, and energy related regulations / certification programs
  • Monitor, track, and benchmark projects and goals (LEED Gold Certification)
  • Ensure sustainability compliance, embodied carbon compliance and construction waste management


  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred
  • At least of work experience in relevant field(s)
  • General knowledge of the LEED Green Building Rating System
  • General understanding of high-performance green building/community design, construction, and operations
  • Experience with a variety of high-performance building projects, including LEED projects and/or specialization in a high-performance building attribute such as energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, sustainable site development, etc.
  • LEED AP specialty credential preferred
  • Strong knowledge of LEED and other 3rd party systems
  • Fluent English skill


  • Email: tuyendung@coteccons.vn
  • Phone: 028 3514 2255  (Ext: 1176/1143)


Contact@Coteccons .vn