The 2022 AGM documents


I. Meeting documents 1. Meeting invitation notice 2. The 2023 AGM Agenda 3. Power of Attorney 4. Regulation on organization of the 2023 AGM II. Reports 1. BOD Report and Independent Member 2. BOS Report III. Proposals 1. Annual reports submitted to the 2023 AGM 2. The 2022 Audited Financial Statements 3. The Profit distribution plan 4. The Fiscal year 2023 Business Plan 5. Remuneration of the BOD, BOS and estimated Operating Expenses of the BOD and its Committees for Fiscal year 2023 6. Selection of the auditing firm for the Fiscal year 2023 7. The plan on issuing bonus shares to shareholders from owner’s resources 8. Increase ownership rate of foreign investors and change some business lines 9. Plan to issue the shares under Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) from treasury shares 10. Study opportunities for fund raising to Unicons  11. Amendments in Company’s Charter 12. The 5-years ESOP program IV. Draft 2023 AGM Resolutions 1. Draft 2023 AGM Resolutions V. Tutorial to attend online 2023 AGM 1. Tutorial to attend online 2023 AGM

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