Recently, Coteccons collaborated with VILAF in a training on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance and Vietnamese anti-corruption laws. The training was led by Tra Nguyen and Esko Cate, both lawyers at VILAF with extensive experience in anti-corruption and compliance matters, accompanied by the sharing of Mr. Christopher Senekki, Deputy General Director of Coteccons. Participating in the course were representatives of investors, consultants, all members of Lego Factory’s Board of Directors, and key partners such as Shinryo VN and UG M&E.

In the first part, Mr. Christopher Senekki, Deputy General Director of Coteccons, shared about “Coteccons’ policy of business conduct.” Specifically, Coteccons is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all its business dealings and continuously improving the quality of project implementation and operation to build a reputation based on honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust, and sensible business judgment.

(L-R) Foreign Associate Esko Cate, Associate Tra Nguyen, and Coteccons Deputy CEO Chris Senekki

At the training session, the two VILAF speakers provided in-depth training, ensuring that the legal requirements and the most effective ways to prevent corruption and maintain compliance were clearly understood. The training session covered a wide variety of topics, including the FCPA, Vietnam’s anti-corruption regulations, and internal controls. Being interactive with case studies, the training session not only provided plain theory but also helped employees understand how to identify and prevent potential cases of corruption.

“Coteccons’ commitment to compliance and ethical business practices is commendable, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to work with them and others in the business community in Vietnam to promote compliance, making Vietnam a better place to do business in a professional manner,” shared Esko Cate.

Mr. Duong Trong Nghia, Lego Project Manager, shared: “I feel extremely proud of the journey we have gone through. We, the ones who carry the Coteccons DNA, have been upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of our business activities. And Coteccons will accompany the investors to create the sixth LEGO factory in the world, which will be a carbon-neutral factory from the very beginning when it opens in 2024, working together towards being environmentally friendly and sustainable. That is the highest mission.”

Coteccons believes that honesty and integrity are the foundation of everything we do. Therefore, we always take the initiative to maintain compliance, thereby promoting fair and transparent business activities.



On December 8th, 2023, Coteccons & Unicons were honored to receive the awards of Top 500 Vietnam Best Employer (VBE500) and Top 10 Vietnam Best Workplace (VBW10) of the VBE500 and VBW10 rankings by Viet Research, in coordination with the Vietnam Investment Review publishing unit. This recognition was the result of Coteccons and Unicons in recent years having made efforts to restructure the human resources management system to follow the times. Despite many employment challenges, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Coteccons consider this an opportunity for the human resources industry and have transformed strongly.  We understand that human resource management is not only about creating achievements by creating jobs, rewarding employees, creating a sustainable working environment, and having good and stable business results, but also how to promote and raise awareness among the community, businesses, and workers about image, reputation, and the importance of using “human capital.” We focus on creating a unique OWN IT culture to promote individuals’ potential and give opportunities to move quickly, applying technology to evaluate and monitor the development process of employees to serve the development focus on human resources (Learning and Development), and restructuring C&B closer to multinational companies to attract more talented human resources for the diversification strategy. Promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) is a specific action of commitment to sustainable development in which the human element is the key to all actions, not only helping to build the employer’s branding but also creating high-quality human resources to increase

On November 28, 2023, Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company officially opened a completely new experiential office model in the North, which is a space with a unique open design that demonstrates the company’s OWNIT and DEI culture. The office is designed according to the “Agile Workplaces” trend to honor the freedom and individuality of each employee working in a completely flexible environment. Unlike traditional offices—where employees are fixed to desks—Coteccons’ flexible “Agile Workplace” office in Hanoi encourages employees to move freely around the office. “Agile Workplace” is about empowering employees to choose where they want to work in the office. The Agile Workspace office design In addition, the design also aims to provide employees with many useful and convenient spaces. The Central Collaborate Hub area can be used as a place to meet with external partners, customers, or even friends. The open space without tables and chairs can become a conference room, exhibit construction materials, or share new solutions. There is also a “focus” area for those who need privacy to concentrate and a social area for those who want to chat. The open design is to stimulate interaction among people, which is an effort to foster collaboration, unleash creativity by eliminating physical barriers between teams, and ultimately improve employee capabilities. Central Collaborate Hub area – a place of connections A “focus” area for meetings and for those who need privacy to concentrate  Coteccons also aims for sustainable values, so in the design it uses biophilic design elements, focusing

On October 4, 2023, Schneider Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd. and Coteccons Construction JSC organized a signing ceremony for a laptop and scholarship agreement. The event is within the framework of Coteccons-Lê Phong Bình Dương Half Marathon, which had the companionship of Schneider Electric. Mr. Đồng Mai Lâm – CEO of Schneider Electric Vietnam and Cambodia Co., Ltd and Mr. Võ Hoàng Lâm – CEO of Coteccons Construction JSC Accordingly, Schneider Electric Vietnam will sponsor 50 Lenovo laptops, each worth 10 million dong, and 25 scholarships, each worth 1 million dong, to help children in disadvantaged circumstances in remote areas. Currently, Coteccons has awarded a number of computers and scholarships to children at Ho Bon primary and secondary boarding schools for ethnic minorities in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, and a cluster of 7 schools, including 3 preschools, 4 primary schools, and secondary schools, through the program “Pick the Moon to the Village,”, belonging to the ESG project chain of Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company. According to the plan, we will continue to donate the remaining gifts to appropriate areas. MOU Signing Ceremony between Schneider Electric and Coteccons At Coteccons, we are always concerned with the issues of sustainable development, ESG, minimizing environmental impacts, and developing future generations through annual activities such as the Green Up Marathon, Pick the Moon to the Village, etc. Schneider Electric is our partner in many aspects, and the companionship of Schneider Electric as well as other partners is a testament to the

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